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Boom eco mug

13.13€ Ex Tax: 10.85€

The Boom is a 225ml leakproof, double walled travel mug for your hot or cold beverages on the go. The most surprising feature is that it’s designed to be completely dismantled at the end of its life-cycle for recycling. Show your commitment by disass..

Bopp Cool bottle

15.79€ Ex Tax: 13.05€

Bopp Cool is a design award winning drinking bottle with a capacity of 700ml in eco-friendly Tritan™ material. A sustainable bottle with an ingenious integrated cooler element to cool your drinks from inside the bottle. Registered design®..

Bopp Mini bottle with carabiner

9.18€ Ex Tax: 7.59€

Bopp Mini is a compact 350ml bottle with a matte body and with attached carabiner that makes it easy to clip onto your bag, belt or other gear you take with you. Registered design®..

Bopp Sport activity bottle

13.75€ Ex Tax: 11.36€

Bopp Sport is a remarkable sports bottle. The iconic shape gives multiple solutions to carrying the 550ml bottle. The leakproof closure can be easily opened and closed for immediate use. Made of durable Tritan® material. Registered design®..

Carabine mug small

6.59€ Ex Tax: 5.45€

Double wall stainless steel mug with PP lid and handle. Capacity 200 ml...

Clik leak proof travel mug

14.34€ Ex Tax: 11.85€

Clik uses a smart 360 degree drinking lid that can be opened and closed with a simple push. The double wall mug can hold 225ml and with the integrated handle it makes travelling with either hot or cold drinks leak proof. The mug is designed in such a..

Coffee to go mug

7.05€ Ex Tax: 5.83€

Less is more. With a 8cm length this is the perfect double wall mug for your coffee machine. PP inner. Great for Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo coffee. Nice handle for 1 hand drinking. Easy twist spill proof lid. Hand washable only. Content 160ml. Reg..

Coffee to go tumbler

6.53€ Ex Tax: 5.40€

Less is more. With a 8cm height this is the perfect double wall mug for your coffee machine. PP inner. Easy twist spill proof lid. Great for Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo coffee. Hand washable only. Content 160ml. Registered design®..

Dia mug

11.82€ Ex Tax: 9.77€

Closable, insulated and compact enough to fit under the coffee machine (227 ml). It is also very hygienic due to the lining of the mug being made out of stainless steel and not plastic. Designed so that the mug is easy to take apart for recycling. Re..

Dia travel tumbler

13.13€ Ex Tax: 10.85€

Dia is a double wall tumbler with durable 304 stainless steel on the inside. The double wall and sliding lid make it possible to carry both hot and cold drinks up to 350ml. Dia is designed so that it’s easy to take apart for recycling and therefore h..

Easy clean vacuum coffee tumbler

14.46€ Ex Tax: 11.95€

Vacuum insulated leak proof double wall tumbler with easy clean lid and flow control. Twist the lid and choose small flow for hot drinks or large flow for cold drinks. Easy to disassemble for deep cleaning. Keeps your drinks hot for up to 5h and cold..

ECO Bamboo fibre coffee cup

5.22€ Ex Tax: 4.31€

Made from naturally grown organic bamboo fibre. With silicon lid and grip. Free from any harmful synthetic material. Reusable and highly durable. Dishwasher safe. Content 270 ml. Be careful with hot drinks, heat transfer can occur as this mug is sing..

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