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Aerato red wine carafe

52.74€ Ex Tax: 43.59€

Aerato takes red wine tasting and drinking to a higher level of enjoyment. With this easy but complete wine carafe you have an all in one unit to air wine, serve wine and pour wine. Registered design®..

Hyta carafe with drinking glass

11.82€ Ex Tax: 9.77€

Hyta is your personal carafe providing you with 0.5L of water for staying hydrated. The handmade carafe is an ideal combination between design and ergonomics making it easy to pour. The coloured drinking glass also functions as a lid preventing dust ..

Lumm water carafe

52.74€ Ex Tax: 43.59€

Lumm adds more atmosphere to the serving of your beverages. With an integrated LED light this carafe is not only very functional but also a decoration piece on your serving table. Registered design®..

Tritan 2L fruit infusion pitcher

21.08€ Ex Tax: 17.42€

Enjoy flavour-infused beverages naturally made at home. Tritan material 2L. infuser carafe. 100% BPA free...

Water carafe

25.01€ Ex Tax: 20.67€

Trendy 1.2 litre glass water carafe with silicone lid...

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